It all started when...

Ben picked Meghan up from the airport after she'd taken a trip to Los Angeles in November of 2016.

The two had met a couple years prior at a small group gathering that Ben hosted at his home, and their friendship developed slowly as they focused on their freelance careers—Meghan continuing to grow her wedding photography business and Ben traveling on the road with a friend for a personal documentary project. 

But things had changed. It was the summer of 2016, and Ben and Meghan were now neighbors. The two began meeting up at coffeeshops to edit photos and talk about life. The bond was instant and Ben fell for Meghan quickly, though it took him a while to recognize it. After numerous bonfires, parties, front porch hang outs, and deep conversations—a breaking point had come. Meghan had left for LA for two weeks, and Ben knew the day after she left that he wanted their relationship to be more than just two friends bonding over photos and coffee.

Ben picked Meghan up from the airport and asked if she'd join him for a cocktail at a small restaurant in their neighborhood. The two caught up about life while Ben mustered up the courage to tell Meghan how he really felt. They began dating soon thereafter and quickly found in one another the person they'd been looking for all along.

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  • My mom always told me to find a church I love because I may find the man I will love there, too. She was right.
  • I met Ben right as he was leaving for a four month road trip to document stories of people living on the road so I figured knowing each other as church acquaintances was all we'd ever be. Lucky me, God had other plans. 
  • My (negative) opinion of camping has (mostly) been erased thanks to Ben + his van Blanco. Van-ventures are my favorite now. 
  • Ben is the better cook (thank goodness).
  • He denies it but he loves my cat, Michael Cera, more than I do. 
  • Ben's van is decorated with patches from every national park he/we have ever visited and it's my most favorite and cherished collection. 
  • We call each other "Tony" sometimes (weird, yes, we know). It comes from a Friends reference where Phoebe thinks the lyric is "hold me close, young Tony Danza". Something about it accidentally stuck.
  • I knew I loved Meghan pretty early on in our relationship. I was so sure that the words "I love you" slipped out twice before actually saying it "for real."
  • The album Sticks and Stones by New Found Glory shaped much of my teenage years. I was smitten when Meghan surprised me by singing along with every word on the drive back from our first date.
  • I have a White VW Vanagon I affectionately refer to as Blanco Frijole. An ongoing joke is that I call Meghan's car a "sports car" because it goes faster than 65 mph.
  • I may be the better cook, but Meghan is a master of cheese boards and good wine.
  • Meghan is without question the better photographer between the two of us. 
  • I made a playlist of romantic songs called "reached across the seat to grab her hand..." before Meghan and I started dating. I would listen to it and wonder who the one would be whose hand I'd grab listening to those songs. I'm so happy it is her's.